About Us

The Maker

Lumber Jax

Lumber Jax was created by Courtney in 2018. Courtney combined
her love of thrifting with her knack for creating and began upcycling secondhand flannels. Lumber Jax flannels are all unique, each piece standing out from the next.

All flannels are all transformed by Courtney through a bleaching process in Northwest Indiana. These flannel creations, made with love, are available for all ages and sizes.


Once Courtney and her husband became parents, she began creating clothing for her two daughters. After months of trial and error, she learned to make clothing using patterns from small makers, just like herself. 

About Our Flannels & Materials

Our flannels are pre-loved, which means they are soft, comfy, and already broken in. Some of our flannels may have minor defects (itty-bitty holes, light pilling, etc.) These small flaws are often unnoticed. We will not knowing sell any garnet with large and obvious defects. 

Woodchipz uses mostly organic and US milled fabrics. All pieces are made from cotton bases, making it extremely comfortable and breathable for babies and kids alike.